Way of payment

How can I pay?
You can pay by Ideal, credit card (Visa/MasterCard), bank transfer or Paypal.


I have received the wrong product, what to do?
Our mistake, so our concern. You may keep the wrong product and you will receive the ordered product as well.

What are the shipping costs?
Regardless of the number of items ordered, the shipping costs are:

The Netherlands                                     €   6,75 (with Track&Trace)

Germany, Belgium and Luxembourg        €   9,00 (without Track&Trace)
Germany, Belgium and Luxembourg        € 13,00 (with Track&Trace)

Other European countries                       € 11,50 (without Track&Trace)
Other European countries                       € 19,00 (with Track&Trace)

Outside Europe (world)                           € 18,00 (without Track&Trace)
Outside Europe (world)                           € 24,30 (with Track&Trace)

Pick up your order at A2Models               €  0,00

Only if you order scale 1:200 and 1:220 models, you can also choose for the shipping costs below , because we can send these small models in an envelope:

The Netherlands                                 €   1,92 (without Track&Trace)
The Netherlands                                 €   6,75 (with Track&Trace)
Inside Europe                                    €   3,15 (without Track&Trace)
Inside Europe                                   € 11,00 (with Track&Trace/depending
                                                      on participating countries)
Outside Europe (world)                     €   3,15 (without Track&Tace)
Outside Europe (world)                    € 16,00 (with Track&Trace/depending
                                                    on participating countries)

Please note clearly that when you choose the shipping option “without Track & Trace”, the
delivery warranty of the product is excluded. So the risk will be for you as a customer.


I have seen a product in the webshop and would like more information?
Please contact our customer service by sending an e-mail to info@a2models.nl.


Where can I get warranty on purchased products?
We refer to the warranty provisions on our website. If you may have further questions after reading these provisions, please contact our customer service by sending an e-mail to info@a2models.nl.